Choose A Hero Romance

Why did we trademark the term Choose a Hero Romance?

  • To include and protect.
  • CockyGate! We want to ensure that no one can monopolize the term for their exclusive use and, therefore, deny other authors the ability to write this type of romance novel. This trademark is about inclusion into the Choose A Hero Romance™ publishing team, not about exclusion.  
  • Preliminary results (sales data, social media hype, and passionate reviews) about the Choose A Hero Romance™ concept lead us to believe that this new approach to storytelling will be wildly popular. Traditionally, once a trend becomes popular, there are those who would take unfair advantage of it. The goal of this trademark is to protect the interests of bona fide authors.

Who will be allowed use of the term Choose A Hero Romance™?

  • All genuine authors who honestly wish to write a Choose A Hero Romance™ novel will be allowed use of the trademark (see Author page for more details).
  • Spammers, book stuffers, and black-hatters will be actively forbidden from participating.
  • IS IT FREE? Yes. There is no charge for obtaining the right to publish under the Choose A Hero Romance™ Trademark.
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  • Click the link below and fill out the form. Once your information has been verified, you will be emailed a trademark authorization letter.

How is permission granted?

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