The Unique Reading Experience

Choose A Hero Romance

What DO you get from the Choose A Hero Romance™ reading experience?

  • You get a longer romance.
    Have you ever finished a favorite book and wished that it didn’t have to end? Now it doesn’t have to. Simply choose another ending and keep reading!
  • You have total control.
    Have you ever been dreamy-eyed over several heroes in one book, and then been a bit disappointed over who the author chose to win the day? Now the choice is yours.   You can have your cake and eat it too by creating multiple happily-ever-afters for yourself. No waiting!
  • You don’t have to spend time re-engaging with a story.
    Has it ever taken you a while to get into a story, but once you did, it was un-put-down-able? Now the story you’ve grown to adore continues. Unlike with a series romance, you already know and love the characters—choosing a new ending is easy!
  • You can try an “off-type” hero with less risk.
    Do you tend to read romances with an alpha male as the star? But in the back of your mind have you been curious about how a gentleman’s love story might go? Now that you’re already fully engaged with all the characters in the main story, choosing to give an off-type hero a try is much easier. You might just discover a new favorite!

What DON’T you get from the Choose A Hero Romance™reading experience?

  • This is not a ménage romance. One ending equals one true-love hero.
  • This is not a love triangle. In the main story, the heroine will be drawn to all three heroes in different ways, but she will only truly love the one man you choose for her.
  • This is not a cheating lovers story. The heroine isn’t cheating on one hero when you choose another for her. She goes on to live a different romance along a unique timeline.

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So you think you’re a one-hero-only kind of reader…?

Here’s what other readers who thought the same are saying…

“I just finished all three endings and I'm blown away. This was amazing. I actually cried a little when I finished...I wasn't ready for it to be over!”

~ Kat a.

“I was Team Keith 100% of the way but now Brayden is laughingly taking the lead slightly. Damn you for that :-)”


“I've completed reading all 4 stories, &, boy, what an adventure! I really had a good time reading all these endings, ultimately surprising myself on which one I liked the most.”

~ CATHY c.

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