Choose A Hero Romance

What is a Choose A Hero Romance?

A core story of any romance sub-genre immerses the reader in an exciting plot, introducing her to the characters.

One heroine and three potential heroes take a journey together toward a cliffhanger ending.

At this point, the story splits into three unique endings, all at the reader’s fingertips. The endings exist on different timelines—no cheating lovers here!—giving the reader a chance to create three, different sigh-worthy happily-ever-afters for herself.

Although each ending is unique—with individual growth arcs and diverse plot threads—the heart of who the characters are remains the same.

This means the reader doesn’t have to reimmerse herself in a new story, again and again. She is already fully engaged in the one at her fingertips.

The transition from one ending to another is easy.

A Choose A Hero Romance™ is not like a series romance — it’s better!

In a series, a secondary hero must go off to find himself a new heroine to love in another book. In a Choose A Hero Romance™, the same heroine finds love with whichever heroes are chosen for her.

Again, no time needs to be spent getting to know a new heroine—the reader is already fully committed to the story and characters.

In a series, the author chooses which hero goes with which heroine. In a Choose Your Own Hero Romance™, the reader chooses. The reader has total control.

In a series, the story a reader has grown to love ends. In a Choose A Hero Romance™, it doesn’t have to end. The reader simply chooses another ending and keeps reading.

An un-put-down-able book doesn’t have to be put down.

A Choose A Hero Romance™ Novel

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